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School of the Spirit: A Sermonic Study of the Holy Spirit

Have you desired to understand the wonderful Person and work of the Holy Spirit in your life? Perhaps sometime in the past you tried to explore the Holy Spirit's ministry but lost your way. In these pages you will gain a new understanding of the exciting, joyful, victorious ministry of the Holy Spirit.

The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit is of interest to all with questions about successful Christian living. The Holy Spirit is the Person and Power for spiritual success. The believer is not expected just to do the best he can in his journey of faith. The Holy Spirit has been sent from the Father and the Son to be the spiritual dynamic in that journey. God told Zerubbabel, Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit says the Lord of hosts (Zechariah 4:6). It is the challenge of each believer, therefore, to fully embrace the Spirit of God and experience all the blessings God has for His children.

Foundational issues regarding the Holy Spirit are surveyed with biblical analysis. Difficult questions are explored under the authority of God's Word. Clarity and insight with practical application radiate from each chapter.

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Table of Contents



Why Study the Holy Spirit

Meet the Holy Spirit

How the Holy Spirit Works

How to Live the Christian Life

What Does it Look Like?

Can You Give Me an Example?

The Beginning

How to Face Giants

The Candle of the Lord

The Spirit Controlled Life

From Glory to Glory

Here is a Gift for You

The Holy Spirit and the Bible

The Holy Spirit and Prayer

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit

He Will Guide You

Preparing to Hear the Holy Spirit

Sins Against the Holy Spirit

The Law of the Spirit

A Passion for the Holy Spirit

Appendix: The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit

Selected Bibliography


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