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The Book of Mormon: Abridged Interpretive Edition


This study uses the text of the original 1830 edition of the Book of Mormon. The original text is compared and contrasted with the contemporary Book of Mormon as well as The Original Manuscript of the Book of Mormon. This comparison illustrates the evolution of the contemporary text from its 1830 beginnings. The first revision of the text was by the Prophet Joseph Smith in 1837. Other revisions have been made through the years.

This work is a summary; not all verses in the Book of Mormon are considered. The text includes crucial verses in a running narrative that allows the flow of the events to be easily followed. The verses in this book are numbered corresponding to the contemporary Book of Mormon; the original 1830 edition did not have numbered verses but was written in paragraph form much as a novel would be.

Extensive footnotes allow the reader to benefit from a continuous commentary on the text itself.

The overarching question is just this: What does the Book of Mormon say? It is of value to allow the Book of Mormon to speak for itself.

Below is a page from the Original Manuscript of the Book of Mormon 

Table of Contents


First Book of Nephi

Second Book of Nephi

Book of Jacob

Book of Enos

Book of Jarom

Book of Omni

The Words of Mormon

Book of Mosiah

Book of Alma

Book of Helaman

Third Nephi

Fourth Nephi

Book of Mormon

Book of Ether

Book of Moroni