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This Is What Heaven Means to Me

Now Available in E-Book Only


  Open these pages and begin the thrilling journey of understanding the paradise God has prepared for all His children ...

            This study introduces you to the beautiful reality of God's ultimate, eternal love expressed in Jesus Christ, experienced in salvation, and enjoyed throughout eternity.

            If you have never studied that wonderful place called Heaven, or sometime in the past, you tried to understand that eternal dwelling place of the redeemed but lost your way or just grew weary, let this sermon series bring you to a new understanding of the inspiring vision of the glory the Heavenly Father has prepared for His children.

            These sermons will bring clarity and understanding to the glorious pageantry and awesome imagery of Heavenly glory. Step by step you will journey into God's plan for our future.

            Read carefully and prayerfully for these pages will bring you to an intimate encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ, revealing the vastness of God's boundless love, enduring mercy, and eternal dwelling place. Lift up your eyes, look yonder to the horizon. The New Earth, the New Heaven, and the New Jerusalem are realities. Every child of God will enjoy these eternal dwellings. Here is the source of true, life-changing hope.

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Table of Contents

If a Man Die Shall He Live Again?

Are You Looking Forward to Heaven?

This Is What Heaven Means to Me

One Second After Death

Heaven, Before Resurrection

Where Are We Going

No More Curse

Resurrection Realities

Will I Be Married in Heaven?

Other World Relationships

Looking for a City

I Saw a New Earth

Thy Kingdom Come

Anticipating the Great Adventure

There Will be a Happy Meeting in Heaven I Know

How Can I Know I am Going to Heaven?