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Thousands Need to Read What You Know

Writing a book will add a new dimension to your life. You will be a published author. Your family, friends and organizations who know you will be enthusiastic customers for your new book.

Pause and think about what you have studied, experienced, created, and learned. You may already have a book in your mind. You may even have a manuscript in progress on your computer. You could be holding your first book very soon.

Your dissertation, thesis, major writing project, sermons, Bible lessons, lectures, etc. -- all of these form the basis for excellent published works. You may have ideas for fiction or non-fiction books, self-helps books, counseling narratives, specialized topics; and the list goes on.

Your new book will be a source of income and your legacy in print. It will be a treasured keepsake for your family and friends. Your words come alive on the printed page.

Parker Books Publishing can make you a published author in a matter of days. You can choose from one of our pre-designed covers or our graphic design department can work with you on a custom cover for your book. You can upload your Word document manuscript per instructions in our author's manual and our representatives will format your book for printing. The process is simple and hassle-free. Give us your manuscript and we will create and print your book.

Email us today and tell us about your book:




Parker Books Publishing has the perfect plan for you to begin your writing career.

The initial publishing plan provides the following:

1. You will receive an electronic proof copy of your book.

2. You will receive five FREE copies of your book for personal use.

3. You will receive a FREE ISBN number (a $125 value).

4. You will receive FREE set-up and preparation of your manuscript for printing when in compliance with our author's guide.

5. You will receive a FREE color cover template when chosen from our pre-designed selection.

6. You will have opportunity to work with our graphic designer to create a custom cover for your book.

7. You will receive unlimited reprints of your book at low Parker Books Publishing prices.

8. Your 6 x 9 book will have 50 lb white interior pages, black text, and 90 lb color cover.

9. You will receive a FREE printed Barcode on the back -- required for data feed to wholesalers.

10. You will have opportunity for additional income as you share your book with the world.

 Email us and tell us about your book:



You may begin your journey into publishing success today. Parker Books Publishing is ready to partner with you in the creation and printing of your book. The initail author's plan (providing all the items listed above) is only $399. The "Buy Now" link above will "put your book to press." You do not have to wait -- as-a-matter-of-fact, there is no reason to wait. Start this exciting, life-changing, money-making process now. In just a few days, you will be holding your first copy.

You may choose a FREE color book cover or work with our graphic designer for a custom cover like the one at right.








Your book could be ready in days!